23 May, 2011

My sick bed

The view from my bed where I have been confined for the last two days with a high fever and the sensation that someone is sitting on my chest. I'm not sick enough to sleep all day and well enough to get bored. Does anyone know how to tell the difference between a viral chest infection and a bacterial one that's worth taking to the doctor?

ETA: I'm feeling somewhat improved now, my temp has dropped down below 38 and my lungs are working better. I made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow morning, which is probably why I'm feeling better :)

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  1. My mum lives in auckland, last week she had a fever, chesty cough and left it for a few days, after it got worse she finally went to the doctor, she had bronchitis! The doctor said had she gone earlier she could have avoided that, and maybe the coughing fits, which she said she could not catch her breath with! I guess its a bit of a toss up whether you spend the $75 bucks or not... I'm afraid thats all I can offer,, sorry.

  2. unless someone actually is sitting on your chest, I would suggest you go to the doctor.
    And, you know, lots of vit C, lemon drinks, being fussed over etc.
    hugs xx

  3. Alexandra PrinssenMay 23, 2011 at 6:39 PM

     Take your body seriously.
    Is it normal to feel sick?
    Is it normal to feel like somebody keeps you from breathing?
    Is it normal to have a high fever?
    My mom would say, as I repeat here: What do YOU think is wise??
    Get your head out of the floorboard and take care of yourself.

  4. Thanks for that, I made a doctor's appt for tomorrow morning. I'm feeling a little better but better safe than sorry!

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  5. Yup, I made a doctor's appt for tomorrow. Seems to be making the rounds, Joelle said Richard was down with something similar.

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  6. It's actually quite normal to run a fever when you're ill, it's just your body's way of fighting off infection and it's a very effective mechanism. It's also normal to be ill! My dilemma is in figuring how sick is sick enough to go to the doctor, and if it's viral then there's not much point. They'll just pat me on the head and send me home again. I'm not much of one to go to the doctor unless it's pretty serious, but sometimes I do push it a bit too much! I'm feeling better but have an appointment tomorrow anyways.

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  7.  You poor thing!
    Murphy's law - You will ALWAYS feel at least 50% better once a docs appointment has been made!
    As for viral or not - If you ache and shiver with a temp it's normally viral but if your chest is bad it's not really worth taking the chance.
    Hope you feel better soon and are getting well looked after.



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