24 May, 2011

I'm alive!

Hmmm...I see from the autofill that I've used that title before, except it was probably more to do with not blogging for awhile than because I was ill.

So according to the doctor I wasn't even deathly ill, which is such a disappointment because I felt so crappy surely I deserve to be congratulated for surviving? But no, apparently they don't really worry about fevers in adults unless your neck gets stiff or you're blindingly ill with it. A 40 degree fever in a kid is serious, in an adult it's more of a "harden up" situation. I may have a "slight" bacterial infection in my lungs, for which I now have antibiotics. Mostly the problem seems to stem from the fact my lungs have decided to behave like I have asthma, even though I don't. It's called reverse airway something or other. I've got an inhaler for that. So no magic cure and I won't be feeling better by dinner. And if the infection is viral then it's purely up to me to deal with the little bastards and I'll be reaming myself out with antibiotics for no good reason.

Speaking of antibiotics, I heard a thing on the radio the other night about  how they're becoming increasingly ineffective and soon we'll be in the 'post-antiobiotic age' - or maybe already are. When they start listing off all the rather nasty things that are resistant it scares the pants off me. When I think of the times I've had antibiotics and they've worked brilliantly and that that might stop... Damn.  So make sure you finish your full courses of antibiotics when you've got them or I'll personally come and hunt you down when I get something that's resistant.

Ok, off to cough up a lung.


  1. Ooh, my husbandguy got an inhaler last week for the same reason.  I made him go to the doc when his coughing at night was waking up the baby ...a week after his other symptoms had vanished.
     I hope you feel better soonly!

  2. Sorry you're sick.  Glad to hear you'll live to see Hazel grow up, though!  :)

    You're not going to want to hear  this, but it's not people taking incomplete doses of antibiotics that's making them ineffective.  It's all the antibiotics in slaughter animals.

    Farmers can't go around administering antibiotics to individual animals, so they just put it in the food.  Doesn't matter what animal it is, either.  They all get fed this way.  So, the animals ingest the medicine, humans ingest the medicated flesh, and next thing you know, the human body can't utilize antibiotics anymore.

    I wish it were as easily solved as making sure to complete rounds of medication, but it isn't.

  3. Yeah, I'm glad I can see Hazel grow up too! ;)

    I agree that antibiotic use in animals is a real problem, but not for the reason you describe because they don't work that way. It's the bacteria that become resistant, not humans or animal flesh. If you breed resistant bacteria in animals because you're using antibiotics stupidly, then that resistance can pass to bacteria in humans - particularly if the antibiotics are the same (which they sometimes are, the stupidity of which just boggles my mind). So a vegetarian will be at just as much risk of ending up with resistant bacteria as a meat-eater.

  4. I'm certainly not going to argue with you in your own blog, but I do
    respectfully disagree. Lots of money is spent to keep omnivores in the
    dark. It's a shame.

  5. Antibiotics work how they work, it's not a conspiracy theory for goodness' sake! You can't change reality just to suit your own personal ends. Its ignorance of those facts, willful or not, that has gotten us into this mess in the first place.

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  6. Glad to hear you are still alive - if not well yet.  Hopefully the drugs and inhaler will sort you out in no time.  Had a bit of a giggle about the other comments,   either I've had too much wine tonight to understand the arugment or I'm just a bit dense.  However to counter the anti-biotics in the animals problem we should all just grow our own. I have to freely admit to not finishing pills when I know I should, but I suck at remembering to take them (how do you think I ended up with 4 children??) :-)

    Wishing you good health and happy sewing sometime soon.

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  8. Well said Jaqui! 

    Anyway I just wanted to say I hope you are feeling better soon!  That sucks being sick.  Take care.


  9. Ooops I spelled your name wrong!  Jacqui - of course, typo!

  10. NightmaircreativeMay 31, 2011 at 3:40 PM

    get better sooner than later. and if you do, which i dont think you do, but if you do use anything in the house that is 'antibacterial' ie toothpaste, hand soap, laundry soap, dishsoap, mouthwash, air freshener, dental floss (yes it comes in antibacterial).. get rid of it now... it only helps the bugs survive those serious antibiotics. America is obsessed with all things antibacterial. no wonder the blighters are mutating



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