08 May, 2011

KCWC - the plan

I'm excited about Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week Challenge which starts tomorrow! Well tomorrow for me, which is a day ahead of most people which sounds all fine and dandy because I feel like I'm getting a legal head-start, but then I have to finish a day earlier which is a drag. Perhaps I could have the best of both worlds and start tomorrow on my Monday and finish next Monday because it's everyone's Sunday?

Anyways, this is the plan (all chosen by Hazel):

Puppy tunic (Perkier than a Terrier)

Perkier than a Terrier

Pattern from Ottobre 1/2010 and in a light jean fabric. I'd like to make a tshirt to go with it too, Ottobre have a very cute puppy picture you can download for free and print out on transfer paper. But I have to say I love the blue stripes of the tshirt and splashes of yellow in the skirt in the pattern picture. Hazel's very keen on this top. Very - she's all about the puppies at the moment and would die to have one. Unfortunately for her we already have a cat and I'm not a dog person.


Pattern from Dressy Little Girl -From one piece dress to coat (Onnanoko no oshare fuku) by Araki Yuki, ISBN 4529045269 / 9784529045261 and the fabric is a light cotton. I'm fairly confident about her wearing this one too, she mostly just wears dresses at the moment.


Pinafore dress

The pattern is from Innocent and lovely girls' wear by Mano Akiko, ISBN 457911194X and the fabric is linen. She says she'll wear it but we'll see! I suspect when she sees it made up she won't be keen but it's worth a try!

The two Japanese patterns will be a great time to test out the seam allowance guides that came in the mail this week. I was delighted to discover that they stick on to the middle of a rotary cutter too, so I'm going to test using it both ways.


  1. I'm doing this too. Your choices look gorgeous. Mine are all a little boring but at least I should get something achieved!

  2. Looking forward to seeing these made up! I hope you'll post about how the Seam Allowance thingys work - all my sewing is out of Ottobre... these sound like they could be a big time saver!

  3. These patterns are all so cute, and i love that your girl has chosen them herself. Personally, my daughter has pretty dodgy taste and it's tricky to find something we both like. I'd love to see how your doggy tunic works out - it looks so wearable.

  4. Nice picks. I'm sewing myself a blouse in that floral cotton;-)

  5. Sarah - Crafts from the cwtchMay 8, 2011 at 8:30 PM

    They look gorgeous!!!

  6. oh, so sweet. The flowery cotton for your second project reminds me a lot of something my Mum sewed for my little sister. it was an all-time favourite of hers. will be very cute on Hazel.

  7. I love your daughter's choices! Happy sewing! I'm in the US, but I'm still getting started early because tomorrow I don't know I'll have time due to existing commitments... so cutting pattern pieces this morning!

  8. I guess that dress is a bit fancy but I'm hoping because it's a Japanese
    pattern, and they're usually pretty straightforward, that it won't take too
    much time! I'm betting it'll be the puppy applique that will stump me, I've
    never done anything like that before so it's going to be a real learning
    experience! Good luck with your lot. :)

  9. I definitely will post about the seam allowance guides, I'm curious to see
    how they work. All these patterns will need the seam allowance added so it
    will be a real work-out for the guides (and me!)

  10. Oh Hazel has appalling taste too - I've just 'moderated' it by not giving
    her the option of having the patterns made in pink and purple fabric with
    sparkles! Or anything with unicorns, ponies, puppies with big eyes or
    Barbie. I'm hoping the restrained puppy on that tunic will appeal as much in
    real life as it does on the page, she's been asking for it for awhile now.

  11. It's very pretty that fabric. I also got some greeny/brown stuff that has a
    vaguely Liberty-esque look that I intended for Hazel but I think I might
    snaffle for myself if there's enough of it.

  12. That cotton has a really timeless look to it, could be anytime from the 20s
    onwards really. I hope Hazel likes it, I don't really want to have to
    forceably stuff her into the dress when it's done - if I can get her to wear
    it to next mum's group I'll know I'm onto a winner :)

  13. I don't know why the fact it's starting today here sends me into a frenzy of
    needing to be doing something but it has - it's very hard being at work
    right now when I'm plotting what I could be doing if only I were at home!
    Starting tomorrow just wouldn't be right somehow :) I'll be tracing patterns
    and cutting tonight I hope, the least fun part of the week, but it's all
    downhill from then on.

  14. Christina GilmanMay 9, 2011 at 4:49 PM

    Fun choices! I've got a pile of projects to work on for Caitlyn this week. And I totally endorse the head start with the "extra" day at the end - if only because I'll wish I could pull the same trick in order to get things finished! I'm too ambitious with my probable project list, and we're supposed to have a decent day or two this week, so I'll be splitting my time between the sewing machine and the garden.

  15. Nice picks. I'm sewing myself a blouse in that floral cotton;-)



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