15 March, 2011


One of my favourite blogs is Vlijtig, and amongst other neat things, Kristel makes the most gorgeous personalised stamps. I'd always promised myself that I'd get around to ordering one for Hazel, so I got an awful fright when she announced last year that she'd closed her online shop and wouldn't be making them anymore! Luckily she also said that if people wanted one she would be doing one last batch in the new year. Saved! I sent this photo of Hazel. Well actually the one on the left, not sure we need the righthand expression immortalised ;)


The stamp arrived last month and I would have posted about it then except Hazel tucked it away in one of her little treasure stashes and then, squirrel-like, promptly forgot where it was. Last week she and a couple of her friends got out pretty much every single thing she owns and strewed it around her room, which was intensely annoying on one hand, but it did mean that several lost treasures were unearthed in the process!


It probably goes without saying that the stamp on the right is something Hazel and I made! She drew the panda and I carved it out of some great stamp stuff I got at the Daiso shop on Queen Street. Lovely to work with, and I enjoyed the process a lot, but boy it makes me admire Kristel's work even more! A panda probably isn't the easiest thing to render as a stamp when you're a beginner...

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  1. I love both!!! The name above Hazel's lovely face is great touch.



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