29 March, 2011


People often ask me where Hazel's blond hair comes from. Although she comes by it quite legitimately (Mat was blond and so were my dad and brother when young), I often feel like saying "the milkman".

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  1. It is so very, very blond next to yours!
    Gorgeous dreamy image : )

  2. Lovely light in your photo.

    Oh yes - the milkman! We used to have a milkman (a home delivery company) who delivered at very odd hours of the morning (like 3am, or even mid-night). I'm sure I told my husband a few times that he better make sure he was home, as I'd seen the milkman and he wasn't too bad looking........ (Can't say the mailman was quite my cup of tea, though). I wonder what people would say if you told them that; oh imagine the scandal in your neighbourhood!!

    Haven't been commenting (not so easy from my iphone on your comment system), but wanted you to know I've been visiting lots, and enjoying your shots of daily life. Mishi talks lots about having to send a letter to Hazel; yet she still hasn't written(drawn) anything - perhaps next week.



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