14 March, 2011

Simply Colours tshirt

Last month Sarah over at Kiwimummy blogs asked for a volunteer to try out a tshirt from a company called Simply Colors and I was lucky enough to get an email in first and here is the review. What attracted me was the fact that you can customise the tshirt with your choice of image and text, in a range of colours. We've been having a heck of a time with Hazel being insanely and illogically fussy about her clothes so I figured giving her the chance to make her own tshirt might be a way to lessen the drama involved in getting dressed for school at least once-in-awhile (when the shirt was clean!).

We sat down together and went through the various options and it was great. They have a 'girl' section with lots of girly girl stuff and after much to-ing and fro-ing between the horse and a couple other options she settled on the horse. I have to say that if there had been a unicorn or a Pegasus, or even better a Pegasus unicorn*, then her world would have been complete. As it was she managed a horse in red sparkles so she was more than happy. Then we had to go through all the fonts and she settled on the Hippy display font, which I have to say is pretty cool. She just wanted her name, but of course you can put anything you want on there (front or back). And naturally the tshirt was pink. Rest assured, if you don't have a girl then there are other colours to choose from!

This is what it looked like after we'd done choosing everything

Screen shot 2011-03-14 at 7.31.54 PM

The shirt arrived in the mail super-fast too, I think the second day after we ordered, so Miss Instant Gratification wasn't too put out by having to wait! She's really pleased with it and I'd have to say it looks exactly like what we ordered, although the red sparkles are not as glittery as they were online. She didn't seem to care though. We ordered a size 5-6 and it's on the larger side, so considering she's a perfectly average five and a half year old in terms of height and weight, I'd say the shirts tend to the generous side but not unreasonably so - and as every mum knows, the bigger it is when you buy it the longer it'll last!

I made the mistake of telling Hazel that they now offered sparkly rhinestone pictures on tshirts, so we had to go back and look some more! She's very keen to try their singlets and summer dresses, so I guess that's her birthday taken care of :) But really, it's a great idea for a present and you could have a lot of fun making up a personalised tshirt for every kid you know.

*Note to all retailers: Pegasus unicorns are your sure-fire way to capture the 5-6 year old girl market.

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  1. Awwww I've been giving the kids a Simply Colors t-shirt every year in their Santa stockings - and because their birth-dates are so cool 29-08-05 & 29-05-08 one year I did:-
    NAME (their name obviously)



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