29 January, 2011

Innocent and Lovely

No, definitely not Hazel at the moment :-/  It's a funny time for her at the moment I think, adjusting to being back home, different weather, different house, different food, different people, starting back at school in a week...I just look through the pattern books and imagine her wearing the innocent clothes and being lovely and not a grumpy little girl who calls me a meanie because I won't let her eat chocolate for breakfast. On the other hand she put a couple of to-dos on my list "Kes Mam" and "Hag Mam", did them, and then checked them off. So maybe she's lovely after all.

Here are some of the clothes in Innocent and lovely girls' wear by Mano Akiko, ISBN 457911194X. They're quite different to the other book, much more like the clothes in Tina Givens' book "Sew Tina!", looser, less structured. Naturally this means Hazel will be less inclined to wear them! Sigh.

I'll get the bad bit out of the way first:
Hat and bag

I saw this image on a blog or somewhere and fell in love with the outfit and it's what decided me on this particular book. Well actually, the patterns associated with this image are the bag and the stupid hat. No cute shorts. No cute top. Well actually the top is probably one of the other patterns but the shorts aren't in the book. I'm so annoyed about that. Not that I've been mislead or anything, but I LOVE THOSE SHORTS! Sorry to shout but...you know. Hazel loves them too. I can try and adapt a short pattern that's in the book but that isn't as poofy, or alter the Brookies pattern in Tina's book which is too poofy, but it would be nice to start out with something just right. Let me know if you know of one and I'll be eternally grateful!

This is such a cute top - what do you think my chances are of getting Hazel to wear it? Not high.
Loose tunic

Undies! They look rather amusing but I'd like to try the pattern anyways. And another leggings pattern is always welcome.
Underwear and leggings

I'm going to make this, I don't care if Hazel never wears it.

This skirt was also one of the deciding patterns for buying the book and it's actually in it. Love it but Hazel already has stated she hates it. How does she know which ones to hate to annoy me the most and crush my delicate soul? I might try it anyways.

This coat is gorgeous, the curve of the yoke at the front is perfect.

The pants are sweet, I think I could sneak them past Hazel in a different fabric :)

This is all dreaming at the moment as both my sewing machine and overlocker are in for servicing, but I've got great plans I tell you. Of course, we're planning on having our house painted in the next month and I'll have to do some stripping of window frames beforehand, and I'll be doing a bit of teaching again at the end of next month, but there will be sewing, oh yes there will! It's the best chance I've had for ages, with Hazel back at school on the 7th and teaching doesn't start for another 3 weeks.

Ok, I'm going to try transferring the data from this old laptop to my new desktop with the ethernet cable instead of the 9-pin FireWire cable that I don't have (can I tell you how annoyed I was to find my FireWire cable isn't 9-pin and I couldn't get stuck into my new computer straight away?) If I never blog again you'll know it didn't work. :P
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