10 January, 2011

The bunnyhug jacket in action

I asked Hazel if she'd let me take a few photos of her in the Bunnyhug jacket and Wiglet* hat and ended up with a long series of rather goofy photos. Here she is "posing"

Bunnyhug jacket

Bunnyhug jacket

And looking fierce, which obviously means something else entirely when you're 5 (as it should too)

Bunnyhug jacket

And the back

Bunnyhug jacket back

The jacket and hat have done great service, are warm and comfortable in addition to looking great, and I'm really pleased with them.

*We read a book called Bee-Wigged about a giant bee called Jerry who finds a wig and pretends to be a boy so people will like him and the wig turns out to be a guinea pig named Wiglet. Hazel figured if the jacket was like being hugged like a bunny then the hat was like having a guinea pig sit on your head, hence the Wiglet hat. Personally I imagine that it would be a less-than-pleasant experience involving claws and perhaps biting and peeing, but I try not to be too adult about things like this!

1 comment:

  1. Hiya and Happy New Year :) Well the jacket and hat look like a major stitching success to me - congratulations! Hazel looks absolutely adorable in them and seems to be having a great time modelling, wow! Really, really super cute :)



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