31 January, 2011

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit this

So I'll just post this photo and those of you who know how it was taken will know my dirty little secret.

Hipstamatic Hazel

For those of you who are thinking "yeah so she's posted a dodgy photo of her daughter looking all emo, and...?" the photo was taken using the Hipstamatic app on my new iPhone. I've been wanting one for such a long time because I like to be with the in-crowd even if I'm not an early-adopter these days. Such a comedown that, I used to be right at the forefront of technology, now I'm in the middle and before long I'll have given up no doubt. I do love Apple stuff though, ever since Dad got that Apple II+ way back in the 80s (which is Hazel's hilarious term for the period usually known as 'when dinosaurs ruled the earth' but also the literal truth, 1981 I think it was).

So has anyone else noticed that one sure-fire way to spot that a blogger has got an iPhone is that Hipstamatic photos start appearing on their blog? There's always some excuse, "my regular camera is lost/broken/not cool enough" but really I can see that they're just a lot more fun to put up than the usual run-of-the-mill shots. I'll try and restrain myself and just remind myself constantly that having an iPhone (and an iPad, iMac, iPod, MacBook Pro and I drive a VW) just makes me a walking stereotype and it's really nothing to be proud of. Do you guys ever feel that way about yourselves, that you're fitting into some marketing guy's demographic, even if you don't mean to? When Stuff White People Like was still going regularly I used to read those posts and see myself in them waaaay too often for comfort.

At least I haven't stuck the white Apple logo sticker on the back of my Golf, that would be really tragic.


  1. I think in reality life is a stereotype - and if you do something different to avoid the 'norm', well that's a stereotype as well. We'd better get used to being a walking marketing presentation! (posted from my iPhone, while my husband is on his iPhone! My excuse is that I moved away from civilised Internet reception + electricity, so i need one...)

  2. Yeah, I don't really know how it happened - I've had an old iPhone and an old Macbook for ages and wasn't really intending on becoming a consumer of the first (and most despicable) order, but here I am. It feels good to confess it! Check me in 4 years when I've still got the same items and they're all out of date!

  3. AND you have a mac.com email - a lost cause I'd say ;) I haven't downloaded the Blogger app but I should give it a go, I'm still discovering what programs link with what at the moment. I was cursing iPhoto because I couldn't access the images with Flickr uploader, and then I discovered it linked up directly with Flickr. Sweet!

    I've always had Macs, never owned a PC in my life and I'm quite proud of that fact. I just wish that I'd put money on my loyalty when their stocks were so low...

  4. What always galled me the most about other people and their bloody iPhones were the emails I'd get with the signature "sent from my iPhone" and I'd be all jealous and bent out of shape and what do I do? Send emails with it. I need to locate it in there somewhere and take it out!

    I'd need to take a few more photos with the camera to justify a whole post! But it does sound like a good idea.

  5. Yeah, it's kind of demeaning isn't it - realising you're just one of the herd!



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