27 April, 2016

Mercury Burst

Robyn from robynieland asked if I'd test her Mercury Burst paper pieced block and I leapt at the chance! It looks difficult and fiddly but it's actually not, just involved! The pattern comes with a suggested scheme of lights vs. darks and accent colour placement but also has a blank pattern so you can colour in your own and given its nature you could end up with radically different blocks just by using different combinations of colours. Robyn has some examples on her blog. I decided that as I'm what I'd describe as an 'advanced beginner' when it comes to paper piecing I'd leave the fancy stuff for another time! Hazel needs pillows in her new room and as this is a big block at 60cm (24"), and therefore perfect for a big pillow, I made it in colours she approved of but that I liked too - love pink and orange together!

I hadn't done paper piecing for ages and had pretty much forgotten how to start so I had to look that up. One thing I had remembered was that using a bit of glue stick helps keep things in place. Unfortunately I didn't think far enough ahead so I'd glued into seam allowances and was too liberal with my application (if some is good more must be better right?) so when it came to taking the paper off it was a bit of a fiddly, swear-y, mission in places! Must remember that for next time because when the paper sort of pops off with that ripping along the seam thing it's super-satisfying, right up there with popping bubble wrap.

Overall I'm really pleased with how it came out and would love to do a few more as a quilt one day. The pattern is available from Robyn here. According to Hazel my next project is her super-cool unicorn that has been doing the rounds online lately. Even though she's not particularly a girly-girl Hazel likes to say "you should always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn and then you should be a unicorn". Amen.

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