01 March, 2016

Hemp bag

Back in November I started making a hemp bag for my mum for Christmas, it was an interesting experience! It was slow going because it took a lot of effort, but equally because the yarn was so heavy it actually made up much more quickly than I'd expected. I made the bag on the cover of the book the pattern came from, 'Hemp Yarn Bag Collection' (ISBN978-4-7778-1482-4).

Hemp Yarn Bag Collection. ISBN978-4-7778-1482-4

The blue hemp I had was quite fine and I'd hoped that doubling it would result in the same weight as the natural but it didn't quite. It didn't really affect the size of the bag because the yarn held the shape of the hook well, but the top is a little more open-looking than the bottom. Three strands would have been better I think. Anyways, it went really well! When it was done it was oddly twisted which was easily dealt with by getting it wet and blocking.

Hemp bag

I'd say its only drawback is how heavy it is! Mum uses it for knitting yarn and I think that's probably a good use, it's a bit hefty to be carrying around as a purse. Perhaps a lighter fibre might make it more useful as an actual handbag? Not sure what would suit though.

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