15 November, 2015

Impeccable timing

Kitchen sewing

Half way through quilting a Christmas present my machine has decided to start skipping stitches and to get all funky with the tension. Poor old thing, it was never designed to do as much sewing as it has over the last 15 years and it's definitely starting to feel its age. I just need to nurse it through a bit longer until I can afford a fancier one, so I hope the repair place can sort it out asap and I'll see if I know anyone I can borrow one from for a bit. Of all the times for it to happen though - I've got a couple more projects to get done before Xmas!

I'm using our crappy old outdoor table to sew on as our kitchen currently looks like this and will shortly be lacking walls and a ceiling. I wanted to get as much done as I could while I had the space, although the state of the floor means that even if I wasn't planning on washing the quilt before I give it to my brother, it would certainly need it now! The straight lines of the floor boards are just too good to not use for sandwiching and squaring up though, my only quibble with them is that they seem to be metric boards, not in inches :D

Kitchen sewing
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