01 December, 2014

Advent calendar for 2014

One day the first of December won't catch me by surprise, but at the moment it's like a yearly ritual, the last minute panic and arranging of daily treats the night of November 30th. This year, to make it worse, Hazel wanted a change from the one we've been using for several years, and I had to make up something new. She'd seen a very cute paper village in a magazine but it turned out to be quite expensive so I went looking to see if I could find a printable of some sort. We both really liked this free one from Mr. Printables so I set to making it. I think in hindsight I might have gone with the option of buying it ready-printed and cut but needs and no time for international shipping must so it was the free DIY version! The only issue I had with it, other than a bit of RSI, was having to scale it down by about 10% to fit A4 paper, which means the houses are a little on the small size but I can just put in paper clues to larger items.

Advent calendar from Mr. Printables

 I love how bright it is, perfect for a summer Christmas, and it looks so happy on the mantelpiece.


  1. Oooh, do you get one clue each day to solve a big puzzle, or does each daily clue bring its own reward? Exciting! Although, I am not ready for it to be December at all.

  2. The little village houses made me smile.. such a wonderful idea! Linda

  3. Gosh this is adorably cute!! well done for putting up with the rsi - it looks fantastic!



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