25 November, 2014

Christmas thyme

Three years ago I was working on one of these gingerbread men up at a bach we were renting when I foolishly put all the pieces, the skeins of embroidery floss and my scissors into a paper bag that was then thrown out when we tidied up before leaving. It took me quite a long time to get over being such an idiot but I've finally gotten that monkey off my back. Hazel asked me why the brown one has white legs and I was forced to admit I had no idea but that's the way the pattern is. She thinks it looks a bit odd but I don't - or at least I didn't before she pointed it out! Maybe I should try a different brown and do brown legs as well. They do say things in three are more aesthetically pleasing...

Gingerbread men

I'm pleased to have kicked off Christmas so early, although admittedly this isn't present-related unless doing it for myself counts! The weather here has been rather dreary lately, warm and wet, but the bright side is that my herbs are going gangbusters and the thyme is looking rather picturesque between the sage and lavender (parsley and rosemary are off to the side 😉). 

The pattern is from the Fa La La Felt book. 


  1. Maybe the legs are made of candy canes. That might explain them - either way, they are super cute.

  2. Have the same book and it's a goodie isn't it :) Oh I cringed for you on the chucking the bits away accidentally!! I would have been pretty agitated about that for a long time too! Have to say I didn't notice the legs until it got pointed out - yay for happy makes :)

  3. Der, yes of course - they're candy canes! Mystery solved I'm sure. Thank you :)

  4. I won the book from Sew Mama Sew - I don't even read the blog anymore but I'm still grateful to them for such a great book! I had a look at the original post I did after the disaster and it seems that I had to go and be by myself for an hour or so after I discovered what had happened, so it seems that the trauma wasn't imagined!



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