30 June, 2012

Plaintain cross stitch

I started this cross stitch for the Emergency Crafting session, and finished it fairly soon after but kept forgetting to photograph it! It's from the Gerda Bengtsson book Danish Floral Charted Designs.

Gerda Bengtsson Plaintain

I'm doing another one of dandelions to match it, but I seem to have run out of steam somewhat, so it may take longer!

Amy of Seven-Stitches turns out to be a fellow Bengtsson admirer and told me that there was another of her books on Trade Me, and then I found another one, so now I have Book of Danish Stitchery and Laegeplanter og krydderurter i korssting  (Medicinal Plants and Culinary Herbs in Cross Stitch). The first book was fairly cheap as it's not in the best shape and not uncommon, but it looks like I got the second one for a pretty good price considering what it seems to go for in other listings I've just looked at! It's always nice when that happens :)


  1. That's beautiful. So precise.

    I bought her Danish Book of Stitchery on Trade Me earlier this year, but haven't made anything from it yet!

  2. It's a really interesting book that Danish one. Luckily Amy warned me that there weren't a huge number of patterns in it or I might have been a bit disappointed, but since I knew I could just enjoy reading it and seeing the processes she went through. Plus, if I were very motivated, it wouldn't be that hard to make up patterns for some of the pieces as you can see the stitches fairly clearly.

  3. I think you need to do more Emergency Crafting; this is amazing!! 



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