14 December, 2010

Red wool slippers

Awhile ago I came across a slipper pattern reviewed on a blog (can't remember which one unfortunately)and although I don't usually click on advertising the slippers looked so gorgeous I couldn't resist, and got the pdf pattern for them from Shoeology on Etsy.

There's three patterns in the pack and I made the Sunday Morning version, the others are essentially the same but with straps.  I widened the pattern across the top of the foot and angled the toes a bit more. I also made them a bit shorter which I shouldn't have done as they're not a bit snug across the big toe but I'm pretty sure the seams will flatten and fabric will stretch and then they'll be perfect.

I made them out of heavy red wool fabric I re-purposed from an old jacket I had and lined them with cotton. The pattern also suggests covering a pair of foam insoles with fabric and I'll do that when I get time to buy some insoles.


I couldn't resist adding the felt roses, they're just so pretty! Next time I'll aim for a looser flower but I loved the way they came together. It's weird I'd never made any roses before yesterday and then did two different lots with different techniques in one day. I'll definitely be doing a few more pairs and refining the pattern to my foot. The construction means that there's no seam inside, it's all encased and it gives a great finish. The wool is very thick and stiff so the seams need to flatten out so the lining will sit flat. I would have put suede on the soles if I'd had any, but we're leaving in 2.5 days so no time to spend hunting some down! These will keep my feet lovely and warm over Xmas in Canada, even if the thought of wearing them right now makes me feel a bit ill.


  1. Beautiful and so functional for this weather. Love that bright shade of red. :-)

  2. www.craftymoods.comDecember 22, 2010 at 3:24 AM

    This is awesome! I'm addicted to slippers like these.

  3. Thank you, the red will make them extra warm I'm sure!

  4. If only getting back home from Canada were as easy (and as cheap) as
    clicking my heels :)



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