19 November, 2013

Teeny tiny crochet

I'm a huge fan of the delicate crochet jewellery I keep seeing in Japanese craft books. I got Knot's Itoami out of the library ages ago and fell in love with it but couldn't find any copies to buy at the time. I had another look recently and found it on Fishpond (our local NZ online bookseller) and snaffled up a copy. I've started in on just about the simplest pattern in the book but I'm thrilled with how it's coming out.

Necklace in #60 mercerised cotton with a .65 hook. And yes I'm going blind but it looks great!

It's done with #60 mercerised cotton and a .60mm hook. It takes me awhile to get the hang of it when I start but it's not too hard actually! The hard bit is focussing to be honest. I'm not quite at reading glasses stage but I can tell it's coming, my eyes don't focus quite as well or as quickly as they used to darn it!


  1. The glasses thing is an inevitability. Sometimes I have to put hubby's glasses on top of mine to get magnification when I do needle-turn applique. Vanity aside - your crochet is so beautiful. How big are those little circles?

  2. Yeah, I'm thinking of getting some from the chemist just to see if they make things a bit easier for this kind of thing. The circles are turning out exactly 1cm across.



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