20 November, 2013

Christmas comes early

It seems much too early to be sending boxes of Christmas presents off in the mail (and not just because it's early summer here!) but I've already missed the economy post Xmas deadline so it can't be. I missed it because I suddenly realised that I'd bought all this fabric to make bags LAST year and hadn't, so I had better do it this year or be totally disgusted with myself. I made 7 bags over about 5 days and pretty much wore myself out, I'm not very good at doing lots of the same thing over and over again, I get bored quickly. I'd like to make a few more though, but not for a couple weeks!

Christmas comes early when you have international mailing deadlines to meet. They were meant to be in the post today to make economy deadline - what do you reckon, should I be a rebel and post tomorrow anyways? #christmas #christmas2013 #lineddrawstringba

The pattern is the Lined Drawstring Bag pattern by In Color Order. The link goes to a free tutorial but I bought the actual pattern with a bunch of different sizes. Highly recommend it!


  1. Such a good pattern, isnt it? Thanks for the reminder, I've got to start the goody bags for the kids party....

  2. Those bags just make such a happy picture!

  3. So cute! I'm madly making this year's bag collection... I so should have taken a photo yesterday - I suspect we're going to lose the sunlight to our perpetual cloud cover soon!



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