17 September, 2012

Vintage sheet wonky stars

I made up this block as a sample to show the bee participants. I love it! I had this vision in my head of what the quilt would look like when I came up with the idea, and I think it might actually look even better in reality (which as you crafty people know isn't always the case!).


I used a star block from the Modern Blocks book to get me started, but will do up some different ones to keep things from looking too samey-samey. I really did feel that I didn't have enough variety in the sheets when I was making this up, when of course I have heaps - maybe I need help?

ETA: You can see more of my blocks over at Jaffa Quilts and Milly Made It - it was such a thrill when Megan and Karyn's posts popped up in my reader over the weekend - I can see why people get addicted to bees! I love the variations they've come up with, and I need to get working on my own.


  1. Knitty Gritty HomesteadSeptember 17, 2012 at 9:28 AM

    Oh, this is soooo great! Love to see wonderful old fabrics given new life in this way. Traditional quilt with a quirky twist. So great.

  2. I like the pink one - I think my mum still uses sheets like this!

  3. the vintage fabrics look so fresh with the linen; well done you!

  4. This is one of my all time favourite blocks - and one day I might actually make it :0)

  5. oh squee these are so pretty !! !! this is going to be a gorgeous quilt

  6. these look great Jacqui! better than I anticipated when you described them in your earlier post.
    I love the nostalgic aspect too - those sheet fabrics remind me of old pillowcases we must have had but now they're moving on to a much better life!
    It's going to be a cracker quilt.

  7. These look fantastic - the vintage sheets seem to almost glow out of the linen. An inspired choice. Quick question for you - what is the linen fabric that you are using? I really love the colour - it is very neutral and lets the brights really shine.



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