15 August, 2012

Party loot

I have a love/hate relationship with making favour bags every year. It's not that I mind doing them like some people do, because I grew up with them. No, it's the battle between buying the bags and everything in them and remaining sane and relaxed, and making most of it and buying a few things and being slightly harassed and rather stressed before each birthday party. Of course the latter wins out every time because I can't resist, but yeah love/hate!

This year I made 8 zippy pouches using Elizabeth Hartman's Perfect Zip Bags pattern and 8 personal pinatas from Lotta Magazine. I wanted to do the pinatas because we weren't having the party at home and couldn't have one at the climbing wall, but I do love a good pinata! These were the perfect solution - packed with glitter and the mess was made at the kids' houses. Basically they're toilet rolls with cardboard circles in the bottom and top, held on with tissue paper which is strong enough to hold everything in, but when you yank the string on the bottom, the stopper pulls out easily and it all falls down. Brilliant idea and worked perfectly.


Hazel chose the puppy fabric and the girls all seemed really happy with the pouches, which was nice. They're rather charming! I added a little pink ribbon to the zippers so they looked more 'girly' but I don't think I needed to bother. I never know when they're going to go all gender-specific on me and when they won't! Always happier with the latter of course.


  1. You really are a duper mum! Very cute party favours.

  2. Oops, that should have read "SUPER MUM"



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