16 August, 2012

Fabric printing

I've been hanging out to do some fabric printing for ages, and have assembled some supplies and books, but had sort of worked myself up into anxiety over how it was all done and consequently haven't ever done any. On the other hand, Heleen is a pro and she offered for me to come over and do some printing with her and just get a start. I went over Tuesday, along with Lesley, and had the best time. The Best. And of course it's not nearly as hard as I'd built it up to be - you just have to start. Who would have thought!? Heleen took some more photos of what we did so pop over there if you're interested!

I had plans to do all sorts of things, but I decided to start off with some apple printing because I'd fallen in love with this pin on Pinterest (funny though, I thought I'd copied the red and green colour scheme but it turns out I hadn't! At least not from that pin...). I took this photo with my phone and Instagrammed it yesterday:

Hand-printing fabric

Of course what with the filters etc. that photo isn't particularly realistic! Typical IG image really. This is the final result, barring a hem and a purpose.


It was a fun process and I can see a few more of these in my future! I had sort of imagined I'd make a tea towel with it, but the linen isn't really suitable and I didn't cut a big enough piece anyways, so not sure what I'm going to do with it! I didn't actually get much further than that to be honest, too busy talking, eating nice food and trying to take a photo of a tui in the cherry blossoms (unsuccessfully).

So I'll be off to the art supply shop in the near future to get myself some proper pots of paint and a roller thing.

Heleen gifted me some of the eggs from her chickens, and they made a marvellous Instagram photo too.

Eggs from Heleen's chooks.


  1. i just love that whole red on linen thing, you're so good at it! love the apples!

  2. That apple print is fantastic!

  3. Yes, wasn't it the best fun? Will have to do it again soon :) Your photos look great; the apples made such a perfect print.

  4. Amy Seven-StitchesAugust 19, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    They look wonderful. I must give it a try sometime.
    I think I might have seen fabric paints at Geoff's Emporium amongst the other trash and treasure.



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