26 June, 2012


I have three words for you - So. Much. Fun. I'm doing these for my Monday Night quilt group and the aim is to combine all our Polaroids into a quilt and do something altruistic with it. I'm so making some for me though! I think the proportions we decided on are a bit off though, the top and sides need to be thinner, but that's easily remedied if I can convince the others!

Polaroids WIP, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

It's a fairly random assortment of fabrics, and there are definitely more than the required one animal in my lot; but I discovered that when thinking about photo-like blocks I tend to choose fabrics with figures or objects in them, and not surprisingly, those turn out to include a fair number of animals! I've seen some lovely polaroids done with just geometric prints, like more regular quilting designs, and I'd like to try that way too.


  1. I agree the proportions are out of whack! Yours look good though.

  2. They look more like slides to me (now that's showing my age!)  What size is the finished block?

  3. Maybe we can have a mass trimming party at the next meeting! I might try some other versions to see if I can find dimensions I like more.

  4. Yes, they do a bit (showing my age there too!), although the image in them was more rectangular wasn't it? But I'd LOVE to try making a slide block! Hmmm...getting ideas here!
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  5. Forgot to say they're 5.5" by 6.5", I think the need to lose a fair bit of white to balance the size of the middle, which is quite good.

  6. Ooooh they look so good! I've been rifling through my fabric so I can make some at the weekend. I see you have some Heather Ross in there - gorgeous!



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