29 June, 2012

More Polaroids. Or, I am a doofus


As the title says, more Polaroids! These ones were commissioned by Hazel, she wanted them for news (show and tell) at school on Friday. She chose the fabrics and nagged me until I made them. I thought I'd try making the sides a bit thinner and I think the proportions look good - but this is where the doofus part comes in. I've forgotten to take into account the seam allowance around the sides! I cut the strips half an inch thinner all 'round, so an inch on top and sides, and two inches for the bottom, and the 'photo' is 3.5 inches. I think it will still look fine with thinner sides, but damn! What if I'd decided, as I almost did, to trim another 1/4 inch off the sides and top? I think the title might have had more swear words in it ;) 

I'm planning on making these into a pillow or a bag or something like that, so will get a chance to evaluate the thinner proportions then. I think it would look quite good to have a variety of different shapes, because Polaroids (and the other makes) did come in quite different shapes and sizes, as well as different whites in the border.

I remember when I was a kid we used to find the left-overs from the kind that came out of the camera with a casing you had to peel off. People would just drop those on the ground after peeling them off and getting the photo (hey, it was the 70s!) and we loved finding them because there was a negative image on it, and you could see what the photograph had been of. Luckily for my young mind it was never anything more than people posing!


  1. I really like the proportions in these blocks, maybe you can appliqué them in some way  so you don't lose too much in the seam allowance?

  2. I think what I'm going to do is make up some more with borders that take into account a seam allowance, so they look like these ones do now, and mix them in so that there is a variety of different borders and whites, and it will all kind of blend together! I was looking at some faux polaroid borders on a photo app I have and there are several that are just thin borders around a square image, so I think pretty much anything goes in this regard! Except the thick ones I originally did - but perhaps they would look better when sewn because of course they'd lose a bit off the edges!

  3. Hazel made some good fabric choices. I love that she wanted them for show and tell at school!

    I think the proportions look way better than our original plan. Bugger about the seam allowance. Lucky it's only 4.

  4. Wow, these are so cute, Jacqui! I'm feeling inspired.

  5. It'd be pretty easy to replace the borders too, not a lot of fabric or effort and the central piece is the untouched.

  6. They're so much fun to make AND cute into the bargain - winning combination!

  7. I think I can see some polaroids in my future.  Love them.



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