12 March, 2012


Sick, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

I've been looking at a box of tissues a lot over the weekend - a bad cold/light dose of the 'flu (not sure which!) knocked me out and I missed Pasifika, a birthday party, the Kumeu Show and had to cancel friends coming for dinner Sunday night. Whee!

Today I'm out of bed but still not great - do you think I deserve to sew whatever I want? Something not on "The List"? I have things I should sew, but I feel rebellious and resentful and don't wanna. Mainly because they'll involve thought, and my brain isn't firing on all cylinders this drizzly Monday morning.


  1.  Sounds to me like a bit of spontaneous, not off the list, fun sewing is called for! Enjoy!

  2. And isn't it a miserably cold Monday too - Autumn is here 

  3. You have my sympathy. Hope you are better very soon. Go on an sew something that inspires you!

  4. :(  Feel better!   If it's any consolation, it's raining here, too.



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