13 March, 2012

My sick pillow

Or the pillow I started when I was sick. I started off with this cute little needlebook over at Stitched in Color in mind, with the aim of using up some of the little fabric scraps from Stitchbird that I've accumulated in the last couple years. Somehow it ended up being a cushion front.

I was working away at it being a wonky log cabin, but gosh it's hard to do wonky without things getting distorted and, well, wonky. Any tips on that out there? It's not too bad really, and the wonky wasn't helped by combining some pretty heavy fabric with some lighter ones, but  on the whole it's ok and the quilting with flatten it down as well. I still need to add a white border around the outside.

80% of it is actually from my scrap bag - I had masses of pink and red, a reasonable amount of blue and had to scrounge a bit for green (more new fabric in there than the other squares). Even the white was in there! Not bad.


  1. OOOh how I want a sick day so I can manage some sewing :) your cushions always look great.

  2. This looks great.  I am yet to attempt wonky - but it is on my to do list.  I think I need a mild dose of sickness - sick enough to play hooky but not to sick that you can't do anything :0)



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