02 December, 2011

Second AMQG pillow

For this pillow I really wanted to use linen and circles. I decided to applique the circles on and then quilt/embroider them both to hold them down and to look pretty! To be honest this pillow took me a lot longer than the Cathedral Window pillow, which was all done by machine. Luckily I had an old needlepoint frame to use with the quilting, but the size determined the height of the pillow - it's essentially a regular bed pillow but narrower top to bottom and slightly longer so it didn't look so...beddy.

I forgot to take closeups of the embroidery after I put the pillow together but I put teaser photos up on Instagram a few days ago

The worst part of putting it together was putting in piping and then an invisible zip along one edge. What a freaking nightmare! I had to resew things So. Many. Times. I thought I was going to go mental. The invisible zip foot wouldn't work on the piped side and my regular zipper foot sucks at the best of times, but with top and bottom being quilt sandwiches, plus the piping fabric and the general bulk of it all, it really didn't want to get close in to any edges! But hey, if you sew around something about 20 times eventually you get pretty close by small increments even if you die a little inside each time you have to resew a section or rip something out. :P

The back is plain with different-sized circles quilted all over it - why on earth did I not take photos of it? It looks great - I've noticed I often like the backs of my cushions as much as the fronts, I guess that's a good thing!


  1. stunning! love your mix of colours and the stitching is just beautiful.

  2. oh my goodness Jacqui! I love both; such beautiful colours and all the work!! you are the quiltmaster :)

  3. I love this & the cathedral window pillow. I'm glad you're back to blogland too btw ;-) 

  4. STUNNING absolutely amazing!  

  5. Such a lovely modern pillow! Love the hand stitched details! 

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!  You have an incredible knack for putting amazing colours and patterns together.



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