01 December, 2011

First AMQG challenge pillow

Well phew, I can blog about this at long last! I suppose technically I should wait until the 13th when we can all see each other's pillows, but I honestly think I'll bust if I can't blog about something. I've been spending all my time on these two pillows and other than having Instagram photos to put up I haven't had much to discuss*. So. This is the first one and not surprisingly it's a Cathedral Window pillow - I'm quite sure I wasn't fooling anyone with that thing of acting like the grey version was a random choice unrelated to the challenge.

While I love the grey version a lot, I think the colour placement was better on this one, and I know technically it's superior.

Not all the points are as perfect as these by a long shot - I discovered that the points formed at the joins between blocks are lovely, while the ones formed by the centre of each block look slightly mitered. I tried so so so hard to not have that happen but it did anyways, so I suspect it's an artifact of the method (I used the tutorial and A La Mode). I don't think I'll do another one but if I did I'd try one of the methods where you sew the blocks initially instead of ironing them and see if that made a difference. As I mentioned with the previous cushion, I tried sewing the turn-overs in circles and it was much more successful than sewing around four sides of each colour. The points are reinforced and much smoother with no back-tacking. I also paid more attention to how much I was folding back so my circles are more circular! The other thing I figured out after the fact was that if you want a directional print to run straight up and down on the finished item, you need to cut it on the diagonal initially - my prints were cut on the grain and as you can are all on the diagonal when sewn up. Not sure what that would mean for keeping the fabrics straight while sewing though, you might get too much distortion to make it worthwhile.

I've just realised I forgot to take proper photos of the backs of both pillows, but I did have an Instagram one from when I had just put the invisible zip in and was super-duper proud of myself. Can you spot it? The back is quilted with widely-spaced straight lines, and the row of blocks about a 1/3 of the way across. The rule of thirds is my life!

Screen Shot 2011-11-30 at 12.51.15 PM

Second pillow tomorrow!

*Well I could have blogged about how depressed I am at the NZ election results and the fact this lovely country seems to be moving away from an inclusive and caring community to the "f**k you I'm in this for myself" attitude so prevalent these days. I hate the meanness of spirit and mind that seems to be such an integral part of the right, and I hate that the world that Hazel is going to inherit is all about the individual, what they can get out of life and what it owes them, rather than the individual as part of the community and humanity as a whole. I'm more than pleased that the Greens did so well, but in practical terms I guess I question how effective that will be when Labour is at such a low point. Sigh. I need to go and cuddle a cat or a child I think.


  1. That pillow is gorgeous, and I think it looks technically perfect too! This is on my must do list in the future.... so beautiful with the crisp white :) And no I can't see your invisible zip..perfect.

    And I am also disappointed in the election results.... astounded that 1 million people didn't vote!

  2. Thanks! And yeah - how hard is it to get yourself to a polling station and have a say? People DIE for that right in other countries and you can't be bothered? They're probably the people who think they pay too many taxes but would like to still use the infrastructure the taxes fund. I'd respect an ACT voter over a non-voter to be honest...

  3. Gorgeous pillow. I love, love the colors of this one. Are you keeping it for yourself?

    I agree with the way the world feels right now. Our election for President is next year and gads will it be u-g-l-y. It's the vitriol that gets me. Have a different opinion, that's totally fine, but don't piss all over my ideals because they don't fall in line with you and yours.

  4. Yup, this one is MINE!

    I shouldn't complain too much about our politics in the scheme of things - when it's compared to yours it seems positively tame and a happy jolly reasonable and thoughtful time. Though having said that, the leaders of the parties, particularly the one in power at the moment, run increasingly presidential-style campaigns which I object to whole-heartedly. Hopefully that trend doesn't keep on, along with that nastiness and personalising things that also seems to be a hallmark (or at least the most widely reported aspect) of American politics.

  5. This pillow is gorgeous really really gorgeous ! ! ! 

    And I had a wee giggle over the election comments and have read with interest the comments and your replies below - I did smile over the 'respect an ACT voter' comment and also the 'people die for the right' comment - My DARLING husband whom I love and adore reminded me that I'm lucky I live in a country where I'm 'allowed' to vote against my husband!  hmmmmmmm honey you have Jacquie's respect, however, I'm unsure about mine HOW could you?  I guess Mama's and Papa's think differently once kiddos are involved?

  6. Thank you! When I dropped mine off I was told there was a whole room full of amazingness so I can't wait to see them all!
    Oh my, if Mat had said that to me there would have been a tart response, but he's quite correct of course! And heck, it wasn't even that long ago in THIS country that wives voted the way their husbands did. Mat and I generally vote the same way, though he tends even more to the left than me which is saying something! There is some old chestnut about political tendencies changing over your lifetime that goes something along the lines of 'if you're not a leftie when you're young you have no heart, if you're not conservative when you're older you have no brain' - implying that once you have money and something to defend you become more conservative. Perhaps your darling one is simply older than you? ;) But no, I think you're right, women generally do tend to vote more left than men because of the kids and also I think we tend to be socialised to be less competitive and more caring of others?



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