28 December, 2010


After we arrived in Edmonton my paretns took us down to Drumheller to see the Tyrell Museum and all the dinosaurs (we're all huge dinosaur fans) and then went up to Lake Louise to stay at the Chateau there. Wow. Our big thing while there was taking Hazel on a sled ride with huskies. She had no idea about it until we got to the parking lot and we met the teams. The dogs were Alaskan huskies, distinct from Siberian and Malamute dogs.

Husky team

Then we squeezed into the sled and were away! It was pretty amazing - both the way we were travelling and the scenery.

Husky sled

Hazel had a hard time with the cold, she's just not used to it and thinks she's dying every time her toes get a bit cold, but she enjoyed driving the sled with Holly who was our...dog sled lady. I'm sure there's a technical term!

Hazel on sled


  1. Oh, she looks so fantastic in her purple outfit. Super cute.

    And dog sled riding looks like the most bestest fun in the whole world - despite the cold. Wow.

  2. It was pretty cool and Hazel now thinks it was great fun but she spent
    a lot of time crying about being cold. She's such a soft little Kiwi
    girl (thankfully with a very short memory).

    On Tuesday, December 28, 2010, Disqus



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