04 December, 2010

Gingerbread men

Gingerbread men, originally uploaded by Hazelnutgirl.

I've been super-busy the last week, trying to work on 50 billion projects, skipping from one to the other and back again like a squirrel on crack. But I'm slowly finishing things, or at least getting towards finishing - there are two items waiting for binding that I'm avoiding but will get done in the next couple days. I have less than two weeks to wrap this up before I get on the plane for Edmonton. I wonder if they allow needles in the cabin? I could manage quite a few felt things if so. Oh, but probably no scissors. Does anyone have recent experience in this regard? I wonder if there are scissor substitutes...

Here are the first cab(s) off the rank - my little gingerbread and sugar cookie people. I can't tell you how cute these guys are in person! I couldn't get the brown one to show much detail, black on dark brown is hard to capture on film. The sugar cookie is rather full of himself for being so photogenic though. The pattern is from Fa La La Felt. I could totally do a couple more of these, they are the perfect project for doing in front of the tv.


  1. very cute! i just saw that book on bookdepository...it was calling to me...

  2. Those are gorgeous... so gorgeous I want to eat them! I want! :-)

  3. *squirrel on crack* - I love it! And these little guys look so cute together. Not sure about scissors on planes, but I know they have relaxed the rules on knitting needles, so you never know.

  4. Gorgeous! I really must do some sewing with my older girls over the long summer hols.



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