26 January, 2015

Crafting not blogging

I sometimes think I'm all talk and no action on the crafting front but I've been a busy bee for the last couple of weeks! Mostly I've been making Moda Modern Building Blocks blocks, but there's been some crocheting and other things too. I tend to put things up on Instagram these days and almost forget I have a blog, a trend I've noticed in others too! If you're on IG I'm Hazelnuts

After the solids I ordered online came I got stuck into the first of the 36" blocks. I knew it was big but hadn't realised exactly how big until I made my own. Amazingly it came out quite well considering all the seams on the bias and the fact I wasn't starching or anything.

It's not every day you have to stand on a chair to photograph one quilt block, but now I'm in the #modernbuildingblocks club! The pieces were too large for me to use the blues I wanted so it's not quite like I wanted but I can live with it. #modabuildingb

In fact the pieces were so huge I couldn't use the 1/2 meters I had of a couple blues as they were literally 1/4" too small! I was pretty annoyed, but I don't mind the compromise I came up with too much. I did blocks 5 & 6 next to finish off that section, it's funny how an 18" block seems positively small after 36"!

Block 5 and my little helper (who really really wanted his dinner). #modernbuildingblocks #quilt #patchwork #pug #pugsofinstagram #dog Block 6. After all those triangles this was insanely quick and easy to do. #modernbuildingblocks #modabuildingblocks #patchwork #quilt #yellow Section B - Blocks 1, 5 and 6 done

Block 2 sucked, I really didn't enjoy it at all and the bias seams didn't go as well for some reason. Amazingly though, it sits fairly flat considering how awful I thought it would be and I think it will be fine after quilting. I also managed to sew several of the navy and light blue triangles wrong sides together, then I sewed a few with the navy on the left instead of the right and then realised that they all should have been that way but it doesn't really matter as long as they're consistent!

Block 2. Loathed this one! Big pieces on the bias and sewing the wrong sides up several times just sucked the fun out of it. Amazingly, it sits fairly flat! It's also a mirror image of the pattern because I wasn't paying attention at the start. #modabuild

The rest of the Block 2 section is made up of 6 6" squares and I've done 4 of those so far. My favourite was 22, the orange and pink block, although it was definitely the fiddliest! I just love that colour combination.

Block 22. No need for a chair to photograph this one, it's a petite 6". #modernbuildingblocks #modabuildingblocks #patchwork #quilt

Block 25 Block 25. Another 6" but not very exciting. Still, another one finished! #modabuildingblocks #modernbuildingblocks #patchwork #quilt


  1. I think I've seen a couple of versions of this quilt coming together on IG, so I've got a sense of how its going to come together and this is going to look lovely with all the solids and different colours!

  2. Lovely blocks! I hear you on the blogging/Instagram transition. I seem to have done something similar. I'm Kittarlin and I'm now following you. :)



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