23 November, 2014

Baby crochet

When I had Hazel I didn't know how to crochet and we were reliant on the kindness of others to supply hand-knitted goodies. Then I learned how to crochet but there were NO babies to be found anywhere! At last my brother and his wife took pity on me and decided to have one so I could learn to make tiny cardigans and little booties. Yay! I keep saying "just one more" because I just cannot seem to get the size down to an actual newborn, despite having the correct gauge and all that. But hey, I'm happy to keep trying! I had to find one of Hazel's newborn cardies to get an idea of how I was going and was slightly appalled how tiny it seems now!

This one is close, I think it's probably a 2-3 month old size.

Cecily Baby Sweater

The pattern is the Cecily Baby Sweater by Alicia Paulson and it's nice and simple to make up and is super-cute!

I wish I could say that we should have smell-o-vision so you could appreciate the sweetpeas but despite being touted as 'old fashioned scent' they aren't. What's the point of them if they don't smell? Sort of like freesias that don't have a scent, as much use as tits on a bull. Fortunately the roses do so spring is not ruined.


  1. Maybe no fragrance but they do make for a lovely picture with the cardigan. Which is just lovely too. :)

  2. Pretty. Especially with that ribbon!

  3. So pretty Jacqui and love the ribbon combo. the picture is perfection and I can imagine the whole set-up was just a delight!

  4. Thank you and yes, it was handy having them there for the photo shoot ;)

  5. Thanks! I wasn't sure about orange ribbon but I think it works well - makes it look less stereotypically 'baby blue'.

  6. Thanks! I wish I could claim that my table is always so attractively styled :D



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