26 June, 2013

Advancing my crochet

Although doilies look really tricky, I don't actually think they are - you just get lots of bang for your buck by going around and around doing different stitches. To me getting increases and decreases in the right places and remembering how many stitches you've done is far trickier so I was quite nervous when I started out on Rada the Rat by Lydia Tresselt on Ravelry.

I needn't have worried though, it's a great pattern and I'm so pleased with how it's going. I only have a photo of the legs so far, although I've done the (super cute) head and ears, hands and tail as well. I'm just really chuffed to have produced actual feet! I did the decreases and then suddenly there were feet and they looked even better stuffed. And then I managed to join the legs together and begin the body and it looks good! Well sort of, if you don't examine between the legs too closely - but then you woudn't would you because you're not a perv.

These legs are made for walking - even if the body isn't quite there yet! I'm absurdly pleased with myself for doing the shaping and joining, it's the first time I've done anything like this. #crochet #amigurumi #rada_the_rat #legs #craft

I've had to stop at this point though, as I ran out of wool! I need to get to the shop again and am crossing my fingers and toes that they still carry it and that the colourway isn't too different to what I have. Mat suggested I could just start a new colour and make it look like he's got a top on and I guess that would be ok too, although I'd like to go all the way in the same colour.


  1. Jacqui MiyabayashiJune 26, 2013 at 2:25 PM

    Those are so cute! I'd like to see different wool too if you can't get it.

  2. V cool pattern!

  3. Oh it's adorable! cant wait to see your top on or topless finished version!

  4. Cutest little bottom and legs ever!!!
    I want to make more crochet stuff and expand my skills. Doilies are easy aren't they. But they look so pretty.

    My poncho tripped my head out at the start of the making, because I knew it all needed to fit together and then me!

    (commenting and reading in Bloglovin' - this is easy. And just like regular blog reading. Oh good to that.)

  5. Cute! I've not yet learnt to crochet.



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