24 March, 2013

This and that

Hey there poor neglected blog! It's been a chaotic couple of months at chez nous, my father-in-law died, which threw us all for a loop even though it wasn't unexpected, then we put in an offer on a house, which was accepted the day we got back from the funeral, so it was all hands on deck to get our current house ready to go on the market at the same time as we were dealing with all the details involved with finalising the sale of the new house. Whew! The hardest part was living in our immaculate house and keeping it that way so people could view at short notice. It was sold 5 days after we put it on the market, the real estate market here in Auckland is insanely over-heated at the moment but I guess I shouldn't complain too much should I! We'll be moving on the 6th. My desk and computer were packed away in the decluttering frenzy and I've been without it for about three weeks now, aside from not backing up my phone properly, it's amazing how easy it is to cope with just an iPhone!

Anyways, what with all that the crafting has gone on the back burner to a large extent, but I have managed a few bits and pieces. The hat is a skater beanie from Ravelry and the crochet is one of a few I'm gradually doing for a project.


  1. Congratulations on selling and staying sane.

  2. Who said I was still sane? ;)

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  3. Oh I can sympathize there...Mikes dad passed away just before the new year and we spent new years eve at his funeral.....same thing expected but earlier than we thought, and two weeks to the day after mikes mums brother died unexpectedly...... congrats on the sale of your house and good luck with your move.

    You've got crochet skills!! The beanie's looking good :)

  4. Loving Mr Balloon-head. The beanie looks pretty great too!

  5. Sounds hectic! Glad you're hanging in there. Good luck with all that unpacking!

  6. You have been uber-busy! good luck with it all - love your creations :)



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