03 January, 2013

Feeling creative again

I don't know what it is about the Christmas period but I totally lose any desire to be creative. This year it was compounded by the most disgusting hot, humid, rainy weather ever, bar none. And a sprained ankle. I actually thought sitting on the couch for hours on end with it up on pillows would be a crafting godsend, but all I did really was read and play on my phone. But the ankle is much better, so is the weather, and I got caught by this Scrappy Tripalong that started up on Instagram. I'd seen this tag pop up a few times in the last few days but didn't really twig to it until I read a couple blog posts. I thought "ahhhh...so that's what it is" and then I thought "nah, not really my thing" and then after I had a look at the hashtag album I thought "hmmm...I quite like some of these..." and then I thought "but I don't have any scraps large enough" and then about half an hour later I thought "but actually I have all those old sheets" and then an hour or so after that I thought "and they'd look pretty good, maybe I'll just have a look at them" and the next thing I knew I was cutting out vast numbers of strips and telling my husband I was making "a thing for the thing - you know". I think my brain must have been having a break at that point, but he found it amusing so now the project is "The Thing" in our house.

Jumping on the #scrappytripalong bandwagon - I'm a lemming, yes I am! #patchwork #vintagesheet #sewing #fabric

The Tripalong is based around the tutorial over at Quiltville, and it's super super simple. I'm not the most accurate piecer in the world but damn if my seams aren't matching and everything sits nice and flat! I'm also trying out pressing my seams to one side as per the tutorial. I usually press open but thought perhaps this would eliminate some of the bulk at the seam intersections. I guess I'd have to do one pressed open to compare but it does seem to help. I still don't like the way the seams sit though, you just can't get them as flat as you can when they're pressed open.

Six blocks into my #scrappytripalong quilt. I was quite sure that the pattern wouldn't be obvious because there isn't a huge difference between the dark and light sheets but its actually quite clear when they're together. Love the technique. #patchwork

So here are my six blocks put together. I have strips for another 10 blocks sorted out, and probably enough strips for another 10 cut, although I may have to cut more of some colours. The trick is to have light and dark strips, and for my fabrics, also contrasting colours. I think having one bright colour per block will be essential, and also making sure there is one strip of blue. Blue really seems to stand out the most for some reason.


  1. Lol i love that story :). The thing is looking great!

  2. I love this !! !! !! Really love it

  3. I think the blue stands out more because of it is the accented colour (not much of it, the warm colours meld with each other), and the brightness of the blue - more especially the bright blue rather than the paler blue, and for most of the blue blocks they are place next to a mostly 'white block' giving another dimension to the accent. I love how the colours work.

  4. Thanks Karyn! I guess you know what I'll be bringing along to quilt group next meeting :)

  5. Oh yes, that's what it is, isn't it! Thank you for pointing it out to me, I really appreciate it :)

  6. I love how the vintage sheets give such a different feel to this compared to some of the other quilts that I have seen on the Scrappy Tripalong.

  7. They look great together, now doen't this inspire you to make those sheets into bigger quilts ?



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