30 January, 2012


We had such craptastic weather over Christmas that the arrival of summer at long last doesn't seem quite real!

We (and half of Auckland) took advantage of the holiday today for Auckland Anniversary to head out to Muriwai Beach. First the beach at Maori Bay (next to Muriwai)

Maori Bay

Cloud reflections on the sand

Afternoon surf, Maori Bay

Then up onto the headland to see the Gannet colony there...
Gannet colony, Muriwai

...and finished with an icecream - not photographed as I kept my iPhone well away from melty icecream!

Today Mat found a page out of a diary that Hazel must have started, abandoned and then discarded that says (translation to follow): Rily rily tierd!!! Today. In desprit ned of pony tile. Wishing it was yastoday. [Really really tired today! In desperate need of pony tail*. Wishing it was yesterday.] Where did she learn to sound like Bridget Jones?

*chewy little gummy My Little Pony snack. She is allowed to have one a day.


  1. How terribly sweet is that diary entry
    FANTASTIC photos from a wonderful day

  2. It is rather! We were going to recycle the rather crumpled page but I think I'll keep it for awhile - it makes me want to go and kiss her every time I read it! But not give her a Pony Tail ;)

  3. what a fine way to spend a holiday! Muriwai is lovely, we like camping there.  And that diary entry, well.... priceless!!

  4. I still find it hard to imagine a camping ground there in the summer madness! We have friends who live there and one of them commutes into the city every day which must be awful, but as we drove down their little street, with the view out over the trees to the blue blue ocean and the waves I couldn't help but think that coming home to that every day must be pretty wonderful.



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