15 June, 2011

Modern Quilting

I went to the first meeting of the Auckland Modern Quilt Guild last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'm really excited to be part of it and am looking forward to more meetings, challenges, classes etc. It was great seeing everyone's quilts and just talking about quilting in general - something I don't get to do very often in person!  I even got a prize for having the most photos up on the site - a lovely FQ of red with white spots. Perfect! I highly recommend joining up if you haven't already.

And because a post needs a photo, here's one of a camellia that Mat bought to replace the large ones by the front door we cut down before we painted. I think it's called Yuletide, or something Christmassy anyways.


I took it at the same time I was photographing the Batch of Brownies quilt, the colours must have lodged in my brain :)

Red and yellow detail


  1. It was a lovely evening thanks so much for inviting me and taking me along .. .. .. 

  2. I will be at the next meeting, I just felt a little odd as my quilting experience is no bigger than a couple of dolls quilts.   This will change shortly since I've ordered some fabric, wish I had gone now though, sounds like it was a lot of fun :)

  3. You wouldn't have been out of place at all, there were a couple people in the same boat as you and they got the same reception from us as the ladies with the big and freaking amazing quilts. It was super-friendly. And there was a really wide range of styles too, so it's a very flexible group and I think we're still defining what 'modern' is so no-one's laying down any rules or anything.



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