05 November, 2010

Alrighty, fun's over!

Well for me anyways. I've had my few days of freedom and sewing in-between classes ending and final exam marking starting and it's over as of Sunday. And then on Monday I have a wee spot of back surgery scheduled. Like in they are going to put me under, cut a small hole in my back and remove the bit of disk that is pushing on my sciatic nerve and I spend the night in hospital (and hopefully no more than that). That kind of surgery. Sigh. I know I'll be pleased when it's all over but at the moment I'm feeling a bit stressed over it and the marking and sewing has been helping with my mental well being. I'm part way through finishing an Ottobre tunic I started yonks ago but suddenly felt like finishing today! Hopefully I can get a bit done on that tomorrow. And of course I can't mark all day so perhaps can squeeze in a bit of sewing here and there. But I'm sure I'll get a couple of things done by the end of challenge! I feel a bit like I didn't time it very well because I did know I'd have to stop for awhile in the middle, I suppose I thought I'd get more done in the days I had available! Typical underestimation of how long it takes to sew grown up clothes.

I'm hoping to pop back in and get another post in before Monday, but if I don't I'll see you all mid-next week sometime!


  1. That is a very graphic description of your surgery. I hope that all goes well with it and with the marking, and that you and your sewing machine are soon reunited.

  2. Cross my fingers and hope all goes well and you are faster back than you think
    Hugs Gunda

  3. Good luck with the surgery. Hope you recover quickly and feel like a new woman!



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